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Private Residence, Essex

CLIENT – Private client

ADDRESS – Ramsden Heath Essex

SECTOR – Residential

PROJECT VALUE – Confidential


The project comprised of the demolition of an existing bungalow with a replacement 800sqm period style mansion. CMI were appointed to the project from inception to completion. CMI undertook concept design, detailed design, planning and technical design working through the challenges of such a large project at each stage.

The client had very strong design ideas and the architect worked closely with the client trying to achieve a design which would meet their aspirations and be of a scale while blending in with the smaller units next door. The CMI technical team used the experience they had gained on working on high end projects in London to technically detail the large property to achieve grandeur in the public areas of the house while retaining small intimate spaces for the family to use on an everyday basis.

Planning was complex as although the site has a similar frontage to those of it neighbours it benefits from a five acre garden with a lake. CMI working with the planning department and support of the local councilors planning for the new mansion was achieved. The house has the floor area of 8 two-bedroom flats, but through technical detailing and the introduction of renewables on the property the house has a high efficiency.